Highschool DxD 3GP SUB INDO

by Admin ACB on 01:15 AM, 29-Feb-12

Category: Anime Completed

Synonyms: High-school DxD
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Jan 6, 2012 to ?
Producers: Genco, Lantis, TNK, AT-X
Genres: Comedy, Demons,
Ecchi, Romance, School
Duration: 24 min. per
episode Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

The story follows Issei
Hyodo, a dim-witted,
lecherous second-year high
school student who is killed
by a girl on his first date
ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day
forward, he serves as an
underling of Rias, a high-
level devil who is also the
prettiest girl on Issei's

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Episode 01 :

Episode 02 :

Episode 03 :

Episode 04 :

Episode 05 :

Episode 06 :

Episode 07 :

Episode 08 :

Episode 09 :

Episode 10 :

Episode 11 - END :

Sumber n Translate : Grogol

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16 responses to "Highschool DxD 3GP SUB INDO"

Chudels [01:17 AM, 29-Feb-12]

pertamax di amankan biggrin

MAKAM'S BLOG™ [01:19 AM, 29-Feb-12]

wah ak ke 2.
follow back ya.

Dewa Adhy Nugroho [01:46 AM, 29-Feb-12]

Chudel@ Thanks dh Mau Mampir Sini

Dewa Adhy Nugroho [01:47 AM, 29-Feb-12]

MAKAM'S BLOG™@ Ok Sob , ane Follback

Indiez [02:28 AM, 29-Feb-12]

Hmm..keren sob..ane nyimak dlu coz kpasitas memori dah ga ckup..smile.met aktivitas sob..

Dewa Adhy Nugroho [04:51 AM, 29-Feb-12]

iya sob,
silahkan disimak

anonime [11:53 AM, 10-Mar-12]

mana nih gan update'annya? D tunggu loh

Okumura Rin (Admin) [12:28 PM, 10-Mar-12]

anonime@ Cari di Category Anime Update Sob

hasbi [01:45 AM, 13-Mar-12]

mantaf, update ya ndan. cepet lambat ga apa yg penting slalu update. monggo jdi blog anime terupdate aja. thx.

Okumura Rin (Admin) [03:36 AM, 13-Mar-12]

hasbi@ok sob, thanks

Henky dwi Setiyanto [02:22 PM, 13-Mar-12]

yang 10 dan seterusnya mana pak?

Okumura Rin (Admin) [03:03 PM, 13-Mar-12]

Henky dwi Setiyanto@blum update bos

Maulana [06:24 AM, 19-Mar-12]

Ditunggu episod selanjutx....?

Okumura Rin (Admin) [01:25 PM, 19-Mar-12]

Maulana@ok sob,tggu ja ,jgn lupa di follow

arif maulana [08:18 AM, 27-Mar-12]

Pass link episode 9 apa?

blabla [06:54 PM, 12-Sep-12]

gan eps 7nya ga bisa gan ane dah seru nntn nih please kasi link benernya

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